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As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach married to a medical doctor and psychiatrist for 33 year years, also working closely with famous holistic doctors in North America for 6 years, I have a unique expertise in helping individuals and groups of people seeking to take control of their health.

I hold lectures internationally for groups of people who often have no idea what health really or how good their body is designed to feel, or where to start to do something about it.

I can help you change your life in a gentle, non judgemental journey to improve your everyday life in more ways than you could ever imagine.

I have changed my own life and the lives of countless others. Personally I have gone down 18kg for life, got the energy back I had in my 20´s, I now sleep like a baby every night after having serious problems with insomnia for 23 years. I had headaches and aches everywhere before, but no more. I have the mental clarity and wellness I thought I would never experience again..and my hair that was falling out has grown back thick and glossy. My skin improved and depression is a thing of the past. Below you can here my story. First I helped my husband, then I helped myself, and 1000´s since then..

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Our testimony was featured on TTAC Documentary episode 9

My own experience of changing my lifestyle, started after helping restore my husbands health with he help of Ty Bollinger and Dr. Michael Farley. I am constantly learning and improving our health. its an amazing experience to feel as in control as its possible to do and to look and feel your best at what ever age you are.

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Jacqueline Hekneby