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I was born and raised in West London, UK with 2 younger brothers, privately educated at a strict all girls school, "discovered" at 15 and became of of the UK´s top professional fashion and advertising models working a lot on location internationally over a period of 7 years, based in London England, but working in Wales, Portugal twice, Majorca twice, Norway, 2 months in Tokyo, Japan, USA twice, Hollywood & Beverly Hills, St. Lucia in the Carribean, Sierria Leona in Africa, a month in Milan, Italy, Germany twice.

In Sweden I met Morten, the love of my life, at  just 19. Later that year I gave my life to Christ after my prayers were answered immediately. I have lived in faith ever since, where miracles, signs and wonders have been a big part of everyday life. I am a "seer" and this gift has developed over the course of my life.


A TV ad from my 2 months of working in Tokyo in 1981

Marrying at 22 to my Norwegian husband Morten, who later became an MD and Psychiatrist and emigrating to Norway for love. We have 7 children, the first 6 in under 10 years, Charlene, Roseanne, Emmaline, Sebastian, Felicia, Lucinda and last but not least, Isabelle who came to us at age 6 months old. We also have 4 grandchildren at the moment, Tamara, Aaron James, Sienna and Lucas. Also a son-in-law & a daughter-in-law. So we have a lot of fun when we are together and noone is ever lonely.

I was a stay at home mum for 30 years, sewing and kniting many of the childrens clothes. We had many pets, a dog, cats, hens (for 16 years), ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and hamsters. I was the leader of the Parents Association for 4 years at the children´s school and ran many children´s clubs from home. I absolutely loved this time in my life.

In 2011 Morten fell seriously sick and after 6 months in and out of hospital he was close to dying. I had read one book in 2009 recommended to me by my father about how to reverse serious disease and sickness naturally but really didn´t beleive it. I contacted the auther Ty Bollinger and it basically changed our lives for ever. Below you can here the story as we were featured in "The Truth About Cancer" - "A Global Quest for a Cure" documentary series by Ty Bollinger.

Our testimony was featured on TTAC Documentary episode 9

In 2013 I joined a networking company with a unique health product recommened to me by Ty Bollinger who also introduced me to Dr. Howard Fisher from Canada, whom I worked closely with. My first presentation was with 3 people on my sofa at home. My business grew to a huge organisation in 16 countries in Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. I travelled a lot, once taking 25 flights on a 3 week tour. Visited the States regularly came with the job where I was presented with a New Market Pioneer award 2014. A company car was a brand new white Mercedes Benz CLA AMG sports car..AMAZING! I had regular guest speakers from the States come to Norway & Europe and weekly online was a lot of fun to say the least and some I have met are friends for life.  Photo Album

In 2016 I studied with the largest and oldest health Coach School in the world, based in New York. I loved this year and am now a cerified Health Coach.


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Jacqueline Hekneby

Six monthes later I changed my own life around completely changing the way I looked and felt, I will never go back to my old way of living.