Helo LX

Pris: 2999,00 NOK
The HELO life sensing health band - A World Sensation That Measures: Blood Pressure Heart Rate Respiratory Rate (Breath) ECG (Heart) Steps, Distance & Calories Sleep Quality Monitoring ALARM SOS - Panic Button with GPS position Mood & Energy Coming soon: Measuring Blood Sugar in Real Time Measurement of Blood Temperature Measurement of Alcohol Level in the Blood Anti Mosquito Function Also a CLOCK on Helo ila. Next year and then you do not need an app because everything will go through the SIM card. The difference to other health bands on the market are: 70% more features than competitors and blood glucose measurement has been patented for 15 years to come. Toshiba is a partner with this company! You can be a customer or you can choose to share with others.

Radiation Protection for Mobile Phones

Pris: 399,00 NOK
BioZen - Buy 1 Kr 450,- including post within Norway. Protect yourself and your loved ones with our innovative BioZen chip. Amazing technology. Simple to apply. To buy a pack of 10, get 2 extra for free for Kr 3800,- please go to : https://my.worldgn.com/store/mhekneby/product/850