Here is our family gathered for Isabelle´s confirmation May 2017 in Tønsberg, Norway.

No.1 Charlene Marie Hekneby Johnsen

Charlene is the eldest and could very well have been a health coach herself. We work really well together and have a passion to spread information and hope for health and happiness. She has a special interest in essentail oils and makes home made organic creams which she sells. She is also a distributor of  a nutritional product I use and recommend. 

Charlene is happily married to Marius Alexander Hekneby Johnsen and they ahve 3 small children, Aron James, Sienna Grace and Lukas Gabriel. Charlene is planing to take an education as a lecturer in history and English. 

Here is Charlene´s Facebook website:

No. 2 Roseanne Louise Hekneby

Roseanne is a model, actress, TV presenter based in Notting Hill, London UK, with her daughter Tamara Rose. Here on the right she is has the main role in a London Fashion Show 2017

Roseanne - The Deal

Amazing performance by Roseanne Louise Hekneby who plays the Prime Minister and a single mother in this short film for a political campaign 2017.

No.3 Emmaline Sophie Hekneby

Emmaline is a model, actress, singer and muliple award winning photographer including Photographer of the year 2014 in Oslo! Emmaline is studying for a Bachelor in Journalism in Oslo, Norway. You can follow Emmaline on Face Book and Instagram.

Emmaline´s FaceBook website


Emmaline - Fast, Furious & Responsible

Emmaline in a short comedian film in Norway.

No.4 Sebastian James Hekneby

Sebastian is an artist and studying his 4th year of Medicine at the University of Oslo, where he lives with his beloved wife Synne. Sebastian just got through the blind auditions on The Voice Norway 2017.

You can follow Sebastian on his YouTube channel, FaceBook Page, Instagram and Spotify.


Sebastian James - Blind Audition - The Voice 2017

No.5 Felicia May Hekneby

Felicia has a Bacholor with Honors in Photography from the University of West London where she lives.

Felica works as a Photographer, Art director/ Content Creator, Model and Actress and has just made a new Trade Mark. She excels in all these areas of work.

Follow Felica on FaceBook, Instagram and website:

Below are some examples of felica as a model and a photophapher.

Felicia´s project for her Bachelor with Honours in Photography

No.6 Lucinda Grace Hekneby

Lucinda 22, is studying for a Bacholor in Interior Architect at a London University. Lucinda works as a top model and is a world traveller. She took a one way flight to Australia at 18 and stayed there a year. Since then Lucinda who is no ordinary tourist, has since been to Bali, Dubai and just got back from Sri Lanka. 

Folllow Lucinda on Face Book & Instagram

No.7 Isabelle Alice Hekneby

Isabelle came to us at age 6 months old and is now 15. She plans on becoming a fashion designer. Isabelle would like to study in London to be close to her 3 siblings that live there from before, Roseanne, Felcia and Lucinda.