My Story

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I was born and raised in West London, UK, privately educated at a strict all girls school, "discovered" at 15 and became of of the UK´s top models working in 12 countries over a period of 7 years.

I married at 22 to my Norwegian husband, an MD and Psychiatrist. We had 6 children between age 24 and 33, the 7th being adopted when I was 41. I was a stay at home mum for 30 years. I absolutely loved my life.

But as I hit 50 the reality that I had no education, no income, no financial security, no pension really hit hard. 

I was introduced to MLM through several friends and several companies, but never understood the potential until I was introduced to a company with products that changed our lives. I became a professional in the industry in 2013 and a 6 figure earner and won an award for New Market Pioneer 2014.

May 2017 I was appraoched to join a new company that has disturbed the industry with incredibly 400% growth in the last 3 months (July 17). Their products have NO COMPETITION and have been voted No.1 product in the direct market industry 2017.

Together with my team leaders we have the skills, experience and track record to get you and your contacts started and the ability to drive your business and provide follow-up.

What I love about this profession is that I get to work when I want, where I want and with whom I want. You can work from home or at the beach and all you need is a phone and a computer to do your business, part time or full time.

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Jacqueline Hekneby


+47 94151441

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