Emmaline Sophie

Emmaline has a Bachelor's degree with Honors in Journalism, and has just landed a full time job in Oslo with the Salvation Army magazine'Krigsropet"!

Emmaline has worked for Norway’s largest newspaper "VG" as a Photo-Journalist on their weekend feature department and newsroom and had 2 full front cover stories and many page articles in the weekend magazine. Emmaline has also worked as a model, actress, singer, worship leader and multiple award-winning photographer including Bronze in All Round Photography two years in a row, and Photographer of the year in 2014. Emmaline enjoys world travel, often traveling alone.

 Emmaline has just given out her first single on Spotidy! https://link.tospotify.com/BkubcacSybb



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Emmaline - Fast, Furious & Responsible

Emmaline in a short comedian film in Norway.

Photographer Felicia May

Emmaline modelling job

Emmaline modeling job

Photo by Emmaline

Photo by Emmaline

Photo by Emmaline