Sebastian James Hekneby

Sebastian James is a husband, father of two, a singer, dancer and plays the piano/keyboard and guitar.

Sebastian has a Ph.D. degree in Medicine from the University of Oslo in 2020. He and his beloved wife Synne have just bought a gorgeous house in Nes, Tønsberg where they will live with their son Samuel James, and daughter Amanda Frances. Sebastian works as a doctor at Tønsberg Sykehus.

Sebastian has worked as an Emergency medical technician in the ambulance service at Sykehuset I Vestfold, and at Oslo´s Emergency room (Legevakt).

Sebastian was on TV with "Norway´s Got Talent" in 2009, at the age of 18 where he got to the finals.

Sebastian was on "The Voice Norway" 2017 where he got to the Final top 3.

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Sebastian working for SIV ambulance service as an Emergency medical technician.

Sebastian & Synne´s wedding 2014

The Knock Out. Einn by Embla (6th Oct. 2017)

Sebastian James Hekneby - Einn (The Voice Norge 2017)

The Voice Norway Audition. Chandelier (Televised 8th Sept.2017)

Lovely film made to remember the summer after getting to the Finals in Norway´s got talent 2009 at age 19.

First Live Show - Semi-finals in Norway´s Got Talent age 19 (12th Aug 2011)

Sebastian got through to the finals at age 18/19 in Norway´s Got Talent

Norway´s Got Talent age 18

An opportunity to hear Sebastian for those of you that live near Vestfold.