Here is my husband Morten and I with all our family gathered for Isabelle´s confirmation May 2017 in Tønsberg, Norway.

My husband since 1984

Morten Hekneby, the love of my life since we met in 1984 when I was just 19. Morten who was a Junior Chess Champion, has been a top athlete and has a black belt 2nd Dan in Kickboxing. He started Veitvet Kickboxing Club which he ran for 11 years and was a part of a small group of kickboxers that started Norway´s Kick Boxing Club. Morten was both a Norwegian Champion and European Champion Kick Boxer.


Morten has for many years been a part of a group of leaders in the government that decided what Combat Sport would be allowed into Norway.

Morten is a Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist specializing in psychosomatic psychotherapy and cognitive based therapy. Also trauma and addictive behavior therapy.

Morten is the amazing father of our 7 children and the best husband God could have given me.