My name is Jacqueline Hekneby. I´m an award-winning Entrepreneur, currently working on a new, exciting and innovative international business project with my partner in Florida. I´m also writing a book, stay tuned.

Top Model

I was born and raised in West London, privately educated at an all-girls school, "discovered" at 15 and became one of the UK´s top professional fashion and advertising models working both in-studio shoots and on location internationally over a period of  7 years, based in London England, but working in 12 countries globally.

Marrying in 1984 at 22 in my hometown, Ealing, London then emigrating to Norway for the love of my life, my Norwegian husband Morten, who later became a Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist. We have 7 children, the first 6 in under 10 years, our 7th addition came to us 7 years later at age 6 months old. We now also have 6 grandchildren.


In 2011, my husband Morten fell seriously sick and was hospitalized several times. After 6 months he was told he possibly only had 3 months to live. This event basically changed the course of our lives, and we discovered the power of lifestyle changes.

International Team Builder

I became passionate about sharing the hope natural health can bring. I joined a networking marketing company with plant-based health products and worked closely with doctors and top leaders in the branch, held lectures in 8 countries and online globally. The business grew to a huge organization in 16 countries, involving me coaching leaders globally. In 2014 I was presented with a New Market Pioneer award in Utah. We were featured on the American TTAC success documentary series in autumn 2015.

Kind Regards,

Jacqueline Hekneby