I live on Nøtterøy, an island with 33,000 inhabitants off the coast of Tønsberg, Norway with my Norwegian husband who is a medical doctor and psychiatrist. We have 7 children and 6 grandchildren, most living nearby us, 3 in London where I was born and raised. 

I am working on an incredibly exciting business project with my partner in Florida. We are very secretive about this, but will make our plans known when we are ready to launch. 

I'm also writing a book. I am a 'seer' and have experienced countless,  extrodinary  happenings. Many miracles! This book is a collection of the most incredible stories I have to tell.  I will release it when its the right time, hopefully later this year.

2015 - 2016 Health Coach

My husband fell seriously ill,  being given 3 months to live December 2011. I turned to natural health experts in the States for help. This resulted in us changing our lifestyle dramatically. I studied for 1 year in 2016 to become a Health Coach with the world's oldest & largest health coach course based in New York. I have since then,  helped countless people globally regain their health naturally. 
In 2015 we were featured on episode 9 of the success documentary by TTAC "Quest for a Cure" now seen by many 100 million viewers.



2013 - 2017

2013 I started a business with an MLM company based in Utah. I was passionate about the natural health bringing products and experienced massive success. Coaching team leaders in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Canada and the States, being presented with a Crystal Award in 2014 "New Market Pioneer". Guest speakers from the US & Canada, and a tour of Europe, holding 25 meeting in 3 weeks! 5 trips to the US as well. It was a busy but incredibly fun time! 

1985 - Family Life

30 years of my life were spent enjoying building a family. I absolutely loved this time of my life! we always had lots of pets, lots of flower, lots of guests, parties, holidays and more.

During these years I made a lot of clothes, both knitting & sewing, ran several children's clubs from home, organized several car boot sales, several church New Year Eve events. I was the FAU /PTA leader for 4 years! I also choreographed several fashion shows for the childre's seconda school. 

Here are my children today! 


Married 10 years to Marius. Completed 2 of 3 years of Bachelor in Economy & leadership at S.W.Norway University. Works as Sunday school teacher & dancing instructor


Based in Notting Hill, London with her daughter, works as a TV presenter model & actress.


Multi award winning photographer, with a Bachelor’s with Honors in journalism, working for a national magazine, and as a Media coordinator for a ministry in Florida.


Married 7 years to Synne, 2 children! Medical doctor at Vestfold Hospital. Came to finals in The Voice 2017. Came to the finals in Norway’s Got Talent 2009


Freelancing in London & Berlin. Bachelor with Honors in photography & fine art. Wide range of creative skills.


Bachelor with honors as Interior architect. Works free lance, designing interior of large buildings in London, designed furniture that has been produced.


College student at Steiner School. Works at women’s clothes store in Tønsberg.


My husband since 1984. A medical doctor and psychiatrist and father to our 7 children. A Norwegian & European Kick boxing champion running his own club 11 years.

1984 Married & Emigrated

Married Morten the love of my life, in my home town Ealing March 1984, emigrating to Oslo, Norway directed after our honeymoon in Dorset, UK. 

1976 - 1984 Modeling

From the age of 15 to 22 I worked in 12 countries all over the world as a professional fashion model, staying a month in Milan, abs 2 months in Tokyo. I did several TV ads, many front covers and many spreads. I also won the loveliest legs of London among celebrities in 1977! Mixing with the rich and famous and living the classic jet set lifestyle.

1961 Born & raised in Ealing London

Born 1961 at home in Ealing, Londo, UK to British parents, privately educated . I was a good swimmer and a high jump champion & all round women's champion at age 14. I was very creative and loved animals. cycling everywhere I worked a paper round from age 13. Started working as a model at age 15.