My Story

Happily married 36 years
7 children & 5 grandchildren
Natural born seer
Award-Winning Entrepreneur  
Kingdom Busines 
IIN Health Coach 

I was born and raised in West London, the UK with 2 younger brothers, privately educated at a strict all-girls school, "discovered" at 15 and became one of the UK´s top professional fashion and advertising models working a lot on location internationally over a period of 7 years, based in London England, but working in:

Africa- Sierra Leone - Germany, Isle of Sylt & Hamburg ( 2 trips, separate jobs) - Italy - Milan (one month) - England (based in London) -Japan  - Tokyo (Two months) - Caribbean - St.Lucia - Norway - Oslo - Portugal (twice) - MajorcaThe USA - Hollywood & Beverly Hills (2 trips, separate jobs) - Wales

Modeling Pictures

Photo taken in Milan 1981 for Italian Vogue

Marrying in 1984 at 22 in my home town, Ealing, London then emigrating to Norway for the love of my life, my Norwegian husband Morten, who later became a Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist. We have 7 children, the first 6 in under 10 years, our 7th child came to us 7 years later at age 6 months old. We now also have 5 grandchildren. My Family 

I was a stay at home mum for 30 years, sewing and knitting many of the children's clothes. We had many pets, a dog, cats, hens (for 16 years), ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and hamsters. I was the leader of the Parents Association for 4 years at the children´s school and ran many children´s clubs from home. I absolutely loved this time in my life.

In 2013 I joined a networking company with  plant-based health products and worked closely with a natural doctor from Canada. My business grew to a huge organization in 16 countries in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the USA. I traveled a lot, once taking 25 flights on a 3-week tour. Visited the States regularly came with the job where I was presented with a New Market Pioneer award 2014. A company car was a brand new white Mercedes Benz CLA AMG sports car. AMAZING! I had regular guest speakers from the States come to Norway & Europe and weekly online meetings.It was a lot of fun, to say the least, and some I have met are friends for life.  Photo Album


Being awarded in Utah October 2014 by my American company with a crystal Award for "New Market Pioneer". Speaking to 5000 people!

Picking up my new car which I ordered after being in business 9 months, success is a fantastic feeling!

I had a chance to model again in my 50´s. Picture´s by my daughter Emmaline Hekneby. My life story told in Tolvsrød Magazine January 2017.

Certified Health Coach

In 2016 I studied for 1 year with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest and oldest Health Coach School in the world, based in New York. I learned from over 100 doctors, each an expert in their area of health. I loved this year and have felt more relaxed about my life and health ever since. I am now a certified Health Coach! 

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